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domingo, 1 de septiembre de 2019

The industrial heritage of Wenzhou Alum Mine in Fanshan, China

Fanshan (Zhejiang province, China) is one of those places that remind us that we cannot separate natural and cultural values when talking about heritage. This is an amazing territory shaped both by nature and by industry. Here, alum has been extracted and refined since the 14th century. The remains of such a long tradition of alum production can be seen through a vast territory. Its exceptional state of preservation lets us tell an industrial history somehow not as well-known as those of coal mining, iron and steel production, or the railways, among others. Fanshan is alum, tea, industrial heritage, beautiful landscapes, tasty food and fantastic people! Totally worth the visit.

Tea plantation 

A recreational railway to explore the mining village of Fudewan

Inclined plane in the 312 Adit 

Refining furnaces 

Tools' workshop 

Abandoned and in use crystallisation ponds

To know more:
FENG, S.; QIAN, W.; CANO SANCHIZ, J.M. (2019): “A Primary Industrial Archaeology Survey of Wenzhou Alum Mine, Zhejiang Province in China”, Industrial Archaeology News 188, p. 8-10.

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