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domingo, 9 de diciembre de 2018

The morphology of a working place linked to the world: the railway workshops of Jundiaí (Brazil, 1892-1998)


Autor: Cano Sanchiz, J. M.
Revista: Industrial Archaeology Review
Número: 40.2
Año: 2018
Páginas: 103-116

Puerta de acceso al taller de ruedas (Fig. 9, editada) 

ABSTRACT: Material sources have done little to contribute to research on Brazilian railway history (except for heritage studies and history of architecture). This interdisciplinary case study focuses on archaeological evidence to reflect on topics not often discussed in Brazil: the physical and functional configuration of the workplaces related to railways; the changing of these spaces through time due to the evolution of technology; and their characterization as highly globalized sites. In doing so, we take the railway workshops of Jundiaí (São Paulo) as a study sample and analyse it under the light of the expansion of industrialisation from the World’s great powers to its outlying economies.
KEYWORDS: railway workshops, Brazilian industrialisation, technology transfer, early globalisation.

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